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Environmental Data Management

Integrate IoT monitoring system into your plant’s waste management

What We Do?

Environmental Monitoring
and Control

Monitor and control environmental parameters in real-time by connecting to the environmental sensors and instruments from multiple sites

Environmental Reporting
and A

Build the integrated environmental reporting and analyze the pattern of data for providing meaningful insight for stakeholders

Our Products

MUSA Integrator

Sensor and instrument data integrator

Integrate all sensors and instruments data to any system (internal or external MUSA Products). MUSA can connect to the client’s sensors or instruments with various protocols, such as:

  • Analog and Digital Input (4-20 mA, 24 V, etc)
  • Modbus (TCP/IP, RS485, RS232, etc)
  • REST API, Web Socket, MQTT, LORA


All types of instruments such as sensors, actuator, and controller can be integrated with MUSA Integrator.


Customized Dashboard for Analytics

Build under Business Intelligence tools, MUSA View can be running as a standalone system or can be embedded into the client’s existing application.

The default insight that the users can get:

  • Environmental measurement trends
  • Compliance level with regulations
  • Raw data that can be downloaded


The dashboard contents in MUSA View is highly customized, clients are able to request any insight or analysis that they need to MUSA Green.


Data Management

Centralized Environment Data Storage

Multiple environmental related data can be stored under centralized data warehouse to make environmental data discovery and utilizations easier for all people in a company.

We provide various well-known data warehouse options based on client’s preference such as:
Google BigQuery, Amazon Redshift, Azure Synapse
On-premise data warehouse (Postgre, SQL server, etc)

MUSA also can help the client to:

  • Extract data from multiple resources
  • Serve API for any system that want to use the data

Ad-hoc AI

Customized AI Model Based on Demand

With the proper and rich data asset collected in MUSA Data Management, it can be utilized further to create prediction modelling to serve business needs.

Use case examples for the AI models that MUSA creates:

  • Predictive Maintenance for Sensor and Instruments
  • River Flood Detection from Video Recording (CCTV)
  • Emission Load Forecasting from enviro parameters


Client can request to MUSA Green to created AI Models for specific business uses cases.

MUSA Smart System Environment

How the whole system of MUSA Green will look like

Partners & Clients


Free Trials

We provide 1-month trial for any industry who want to test the benefits of our products without any cost. Just contact us, we will set up everything needed.