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Internet of Things
Internet of Things
Efficient Operations with Smart Connectivity

Cut expenses by automating processes with smart systems. Efficiently monitor and control industrial activities, saving both time and resources for our clients. We can connect to all types of sensors, instruments and systems.

Big Data
Big Data
Centralized Data Management for better access

Simplify the handling of sustainability data from various sources. Our automated system seamlessly integrates this data into a centralized database, providing easy access and organization for informed decision-making.

Web Platform
Web Platform
Comprehensive Insight for better decision

Our integrated platform provides comprehensive monitoring, reporting, and analytics to ensure compliance with various government regulations and improve decision making to achieve sustainability and business goals.

Green Technology
Green Technology
Sustainable Innovations with Technology

Implement advanced technologies to reduce carbon emissions and environmental pollutants such as environmental sensors, renewable energy, intelligent water treatment, etc. driving sustainability initiatives effectively.

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Our main products to support sustainability operations in business:
Our products can be customized and personalized to meet your business needs, unlocking unlimited benefits and experiences.

The Best Solutions for many sustainability regulations

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Air Emission Monitoring
Icon Water
Wastewater Monitoring
Air Quality Monitoring
Icon CO2
Carbon Accounting
Icon Dashboard
Sustainability Report
Environmental Report
Icon LCA
Lifecycle Assessment
Icon Water Assessment
Water Assessment

And More…

Suitable For
Various Industries

Streamline operations in industrial parks and its tenants, ensuring optimal resource utilization and enhancing ESG ratings through real-time environmental monitoring and efficient energy management.

Enable safer, more efficient business processes while significantly improving ESG ratings through meticulous environmental impact tracking

Optimize supply chain and transportation processes, reducing operational costs and carbon footprints, thereby enhancing ESG performance and ensuring timely, efficient deliveries.

Boost operational efficiency in power generation process, reduce emissions, and achieve superior ESG ratings by closely monitoring and managing environmental impacts

Drive innovation in the automotive industry, improving manufacturing efficiency and product lifecycle management, while advancing ESG goals through sustainable practices

Enhance crop management, optimize resource use, and improve ESG ratings by promoting sustainable and eco-friendly farming practices

Ooffers versatile IoT and Big Data solutions tailored to various industries, enhancing process efficiency and ESG ratings through advanced data analytics and sustainable operational practices

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Our Solutions Impact

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+70 Sites
Real-time Monitoring Installed
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+20 Platforms
of Sustainability Implemented
Icon Report - White
+30 Reports
of Environmental Delivered
Icon Time - White
~10x Efficiency
Compared to Manual Process

Updated on May 2024

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