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Manage the Waste with Ease

Integrate IoT monitoring system into your plant’s waste management

What We Do?

SPARING Installation to meet
KLHK regulation

Provide end to end solution for SPARING KLHK from water sensor installation (in collaboration with PT Alfa Pegasus as the Hach Water Sensor distributor) to data transfer into KLHK Server. We can integrate into your existing sensors/instruments as well.

Smart System Integration for
Waste Management

Monitor, control, and analyze your plant’s waste for reducing the operational cost and improving your business process using IoT and Big Data Technology.

Our Products

MUSA Integrator

Integrate all sensors/instruments data to MUSA Smart System or external server. Hosted in local computer/server, it can run with or without internet connection.


Monitor, control, and analyze waste parameters in your gadget. You can access it anywhere and anytime.

Our products are built under sophisticated IoT and Big Data Infrastructure that can be implemented in your existing server (on-premise/local) or in the cloud environment (remote server).

Partners & Clients


Free Trials

We provide 1-month trial for any industry who want to test the benefits of our products without any cost. Just contact us, we will set up everything needed.